Rock’n’roll bands, there are the classics, the stalwarts, the true greats, the forefathers. You may think you have seen and heard them all by now. But, if you are yet to witness Aussie rockers, Electric Mary, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

HRH MAG’s was lucky enough to get some air time with Rusty Brown, Electric Mary’s enigmatic frontman and the man who brought Electric Mary to life. Read on to find out more about their new release “Mother” and plans for a European tour.

Who are Electric Mary? Tell the HRH MAG readers about you guys?

A five-ton rock’n’roll machine you can have anytime anywhere … five guys that grew up listening to their heroes of rock … Purple, Lizzy, Quo, Rainbow … Now we get to melt our DNA together and make the records we wanna make … full of the rock music we love.

Having been a fan since Electric Mary performed at HRH VI, I am always excited by a new release and “Mother”, certainly did not disappoint. Tell us about the album and the title track behind it.

This record took it’s time coming to the surface … we worked hard in the pre-production studio to make sure we got everything that was inside our heads, outside and on to tape. What interested us was the body of work that felt good to us.

Electric Mary has a hard rock sound, but with blues and plenty of melody. Some of your tracks are quite dark in their content, with others emotional.

This album definitely has more depth to it, there is plenty of electric mary in it and there are some new twists and turns.

What is the writing process for you as a band?

Normally I would get together with Pete or Alex and look for some riffs to sing over, we’d demo them up then the band learnt and recorded it.

This time the first part of the process was the same and then we went into the studio and played the shite out of them and sometimes we changed parts and melodies until we believed we had the best record we could make at that time.

Do you prefer being in the studio or on the road?

I prefer the road I love being in a room full of people that want to see us perform, and perform we do.

It’s instant and very satisfying!

What does it mean to you to get face to face with your fans? I know you guys had breakfast with some of the Dark Circle crowd on your last visit to HRH!

We are all humans [well most of us] we are all fans of music and I love the thoughts of fans .. I wanna know what they are feeling when they are immersed inside one of our songs.

 You have long been praised by fellow artists in the music industry, with praise that spawned your 2014 release Last Great Hope, what do you see as your greatest achievements so far, as a band?

 Making music that allows us to travel the world is what I think is our greatest achievement, to think that people want to see you play thousands of miles away in another country is an amazing feeling as a band.

 Electric Mary are one of very few Australian bands that has gained a hardcore following here in the UK. Have you any plans to return in 2019?

 November 2019 is what have planned and we can’t wait, bringing the rock’n’roll!!

 Tell us what the future holds for Electric Mary?

 We will tour Europe, followed by writing another tour of Europe mid 2020 then back into the studio for another album with an outside producer for the very first time.

Electric Mary’s album ‘Mother’ is out now via Listenable Records


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