Hard rock and heavy metal are in rude health at the moment, with the old guard still releasing top-quality records and the newer bands pushing the boundaries of these musical styles to create new and exciting sounds.

Blitz are one of the more recent bands to leap onto the rock scene, and have been making waves on the live circuit with their hugely enjoyable shows. The atmosphere and energy of their live performances translates just as well onto record, and their debut album, “Welcome To The Rock Show”, is a master-class in good-time heavy rock!

Opener ”I Believe” has become a staple of the Blitz show, and it’s not hard to see why. Crashing in with an infectious, screaming riff and building to a huge chorus (this reviewer being quite proud of the fact that he contributed backing vocals to both this and “Rock Me”!), it’s a killer opener and sets the standard for what’s to come.

“Rock City Nights” and “Miss America” are two of the more recent Blitz recordings and show more sides to the band. “Rock City Nights” is an insanely catchy anthem that steers dangerously and enjoyably close to power metal, whilst “Miss America” is pure glam both lyrically and musically, a real feel-good anthem that might have come straight out of the sunset strip. It still packs a surprise though, the closing minute breaking down into a slow, heavy riff and drum attack worthy of Megadeth! Mathew Davis is a powerhouse of a drummer, and he’s on top form throughout.

The pace changes with “Love Is A War”, an absolutely stunning ballad featuring some of Stuart Corden’s finest lyrics. Acoustic and electric guitars fuse together beautifully, building up to a crescendo tailor-made for much lighter-waving in those dark rock clubs. “Love Is A War” is easily one of the album’s highlights.

The second half of the record is no slouch either. From the driving anthem “Queen of the Night” to the angrier, attitude-fuelled “Don’t Look Back”, the riffs and choruses keep on coming, peppered with some glorious solos courtesy of Kevin Simpson.

“Welcome To The Rock Show” closes with a triumvirate of anthems to send the album out with a bang. The autobiographical “Falling Down” is another uplifting track that many listeners will relate to, and “Another World Away” gives a big middle-finger to those that try to bring us down.

It’s completely appropriate that the grand finale is saved for “Born To Rock”. Sounding like the heavier side of KISS but with a Blitz makeover, it’s a thunderous beast of a tune, another anthem on an album of anthems, with a message we can all completely agree with.

“Welcome To The Rock Show” is a bold statement of intent from a band that just get better and better. It’s all-killer, no-filler, combining the very best that hard rock and heavy metal has to offer but given that extra-special Blitz treatment. If you like rock, and if you want to have a good time, this album and indeed, this band are exactly what you’ve been looking for. “Welcome To The Rock Show”, the one party that never needs to end!



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