Duo The Survival Code will release a brand new EP, Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill, on Friday 16th August, through Good Deeds Music. The alt-rock duo have already made strong waves throughout the scene and this new EP is poised to push the band even further.  The guys gave us this exclusive track by track breakdown of the EP:

“The Innocent”

This song bursts into action with a huge riff that speaks for itself and captures the kind of energy our live shows have been known for. It’s a song with two choruses in reality, the bridge and chorus are just so catchy and we couldn’t part with either – they both just felt right and sat so nicely in the mix. The riffs for this song have been around for years and we even released some of them as part of our original single as a band and hadn’t been played them in years. It wasn’t until 2018 at a family funeral I played the riffs slower on an acoustic and was reminded of the power of them and realised the journey of the song wasn’t over. We couldn’t wait to see how it could sound with our new production, sentiment and settled lineup.

We love that the song is relentless, many of our songs have/need a moment to catch your breath, but we decided to keep the throttle on for this one. Especially in the middle 8 when we up the snare hits and energy to the outro.

The mood of the song is captured far better than before with our recurring theme of holding a mirror up to technology/society’s progress/regress.

“Something Beautiful”

This song is about times when you have to dig deep or when you know it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. So many aspects of this song have been set since our first jam – it all flowed very nicely! We are perhaps most proud of the middle 8 in this song as that was the last part that slotted into the structure. We had a previous piece that was strong but pales in comparison to what we have here. We find it makes the song anthemic! We also love how the song changes tempo at the end, changing the chorus vocal delivery from what came before, then returning to the middle 8 one more time musically to finish – one of our favourite parts of the album.

“So Serious”

There is something about this song for us! It has such a bounce! and just the right amount of sleaze! From the moment the riff for the intro came up, to the funky riffs of the verse.. It was hard to ignore how everyone’s head bops listening to this tune. We have played with so many great bands over the last two years and this track was an ode to some of the acts that tore crowds apart and most notably at times were the songs that people just couldn’t but move to…and we feel this is one of those :). The chorus lyric/melody was the last part of the song to be solidified and it really helped the whole offering come together. It sat so nicely in the outro when we have all parts working together. Had to be our first single of the release. Check out the video:


We are huge fans how this song comes in on what appears an old set of headphones and then erupts into life before coming back into a verse ta beautiful drive and movement to it.

The song is another unrelenting onslaught and is great fun to play which we feel comes across in the bright feels of the riffs. The verse melody is a pleasure against the guitar riff and the notes complement and dance around each other in a playful manner. The chorus feels like it’s classically us, a big sound and an active main guitar riff. There are a few welcome moments to catch your breath in this song and it builds to a lovely climactic end.

The song is about intentions, often no matter how good or greatly directed, change is still so hard as we are creatures of habit. It hasn’t lost hope for a brighter day, but recognises we may never change, and that’s ok too.


This is probably the most different song on the new release and in some ways the antithesis of the other four in terms of immediate feeling at the beginning of the song.  Starting with an almost eerie silence apart from guitars and vocals, the song springs into life with layer after layer in the verse leading to a crescendo before to the almost delicate, vacuous bridge. The Chorus then thunders in with chunky chords before slipping back to the main riff which is rejuvenated with some residual energy from the chorus. The second verse is a different beast, growing in stature before the bridge, chorus and then the mighty lead.

After much playing around we decided to keep the lead short and sweet so we could focus on the ending. Leads have always been important to us, but it felt indulgent for the overall song to have it any longer this time.

We wanted to create a section in the ending that had a drone-like riff that could develop from soft to powerful and the bits between, which seemed to fit the feeling for the song which is about the unseen hand in life and sometimes no matter how hard things seem or impossible an outcome, if the universe wants it to happen, it will. The power of it, and the ‘why’ are beyond understanding.”

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