Living legends The Quireboys celebrate their 35th anniversary year with the release of their 12th studio album “Amazing Disgrace” –  and are showing no signs of slowing down.  The sixth album in the last seven years certainly doesn’t mean that quality has been let slip through quantity. The long-player was recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios, and according to guitarist Paul Guerin, it’s their most diverse yet. Recording where Freddie wrote Bohemian Rhapsody has certainly inspired the band…


Opening track “Original Black-Eyed Son” has a typical start – keys, with added horns, leading into the riffs and vocals we love. It’s a real sing-along track too – sure to be a live favourite.

“Dancing in Paris” is a slow, mellow song, again with a country feel to it. Spike’s vocals really fit well.

Title track “Amazing Disgrace” is another great song. With leanings towards Tom Petty, it’s a mix of slow and fast parts that really builds.

“Eve of the Summertime” is Spike’s love-song of this album. Beautiful lyrics over a rolling soundtrack, which is becoming a trademark.

“Sinner’s Serenade” has a more bluesy feel to it, but still has that signature Quireboys’ stamp on it. There is some great guitar work, fitting well with the Hammond organ sound.

“Medusa my Girl” is a real catchy song – imagine The Levellers with a Quireboys’ tint! Fiddles rock!

“This is It” is the country song of the album – I can hear Spike shouting “Give me a Yee-Haw” already, when this gets played live. A great arrangement with fiddles alongside Hammond and acoustic guitar make it a fantastic feel-good song.

“California Blues” does exactly what it says on the tin – delivering a laid back blues feel which you can just imagine listening to whilst driving along the coast road with the roof down.

“Seven Deadly Sins” has a 70’s style to it – free-flowing and with an extremely catchy riff bringing back memories of White Cherry in places.  This is also the lead single – so go check it out!

“Feels Like a Long Time” goes back to standard band slow-drive rock n roll. Some nice backing vocals add to the track, which again is likely to be another live favourite.

“Slave Number One” – imagine Primal Scream meets Rolling Stones and you’ve pretty much got this track. A great catchy tune again – another one for the live set.

All-in-all a fantastic album. A diverse album, but ultimately a Quireboys album. It follows nicely on from the last few releases, and shows the band can still progress even after 35 years of rock’n’roll with The Quireboys.

The album is out now through Off Yer Rocka Records. The band play their 35th Anniversary gig, playing “A Bit of What You Fancy” in its entirety (and I’m sure a few from this album too!)  at The O2 Kentish Town Forum on September 14th.


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