After melting faces and hearts at last year’s Hard Rock Hell XII, delivering three blistering performances across the weekend, Dead Man’s Whiskey are releasing a newly remastered and expanded edition of 2017’s debut album “Under the Gun”… and this time it’s Reloaded!. Romesh Dodangoda who has worked with Bring Me the Horizon, Motörhead and Stone Broken to name but three, is back in the hot seat giving the tracks a new coat of polish. Emphasis has been put on the vocals and rhythm section to give an overall beefier sound more in keeping with the band’s live performance. The original tracks are sandwiched between an intro and not one but two new songs, produced by Killit’s very own guitar god Niro Knox.

As someone who is already familiar with the songs, I thought this may just be an attempt to cash in but I can honestly say this is the way these songs were meant to be heard, so if you already purchased the original edition or even if you didn’t… you need to buy this, your ears can thank me later. Nico, Billy, Elliott, James and Charlie have been together since late 2016 but have come a long way in such a short time and the new songs are testament to that, there is a confident swagger running through the songs that much more experienced bands would be proud of.

I enjoyed every song equally but just like Sophie I’m going to have to choose a favourite or two. “Make You Proud” is a very moving tribute to Nico’s mum and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band live then you’ll know the story behind it and if you don’t then you need to get out there and see these guys as I couldn’t do the build-up justice, so won’t even try. “Hoe Street (E17)” is a very tongue in cheek glimpse of the seedier side of London’s East End, replete with hookers, suspicious alcohol and recreational cigarettes, you can practically smell the filth as note after sleazy note falls out of Billy’s guitar. As for the two new tracks “Raising Hell” and “Racing Bullet” are bombastic anthems with singalong choruses that will have you raising your Devil horns and headbanging with delight.

Dead Man’s Whiskey – Under the Gun Reloaded is out now.