Empyre are a strange animal – a technically gifted band, both in the way they play and in the structure of their songwriting. ‘Self Aware’ is their debut album – and sure enough it’s a technical masterpiece but lacks a little soul. The music is pleasurable to listen to but I find it hard to lose myself as there is a lack of passion, that’s not to say the album isn’t without its charms.

Songs like “Stone”, “Too Close” & “Too Little Too Late” are the real stand out tracks, with some real emotion behind them. I’d have loved more songs like these as the remainder is a little too precise and sterile. Having seen the band on a couple of occasions the album captures them perfectly so if you’re looking for precision and really solid songs then you could do a lot worse than picking this up.

In conclusion I enjoyed the album but it’s not one that I’d go back to frequently, I enjoyed the lyrical depth to the songs as they’re quite meaningful and have real messages within, the playing is first class as the whole band are top-notch musicians and it’s a really solid debut record that will no doubt get the band some new fans and will bring joy to the fans they already have. My personal feeling as mentioned earlier is that there could have been a little more passion and soul to really bring it home – but overall a very solid performance.