Preston’s Xentrix have kept us waiting for 13 years for the follow-up album to 1996’s Scourge, has it been worth the wait? HELL YEAH!

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New vocalist and guitarist Jay Walsh (from Bull Riff Stampede) is just what the band needed and the band has an incredible energy on this album. This doesn’t happen that often but as soon as I first heard the album for this review I went straight out and bought the CD and its been on my car stereo and headphones pretty much since. I’ve thought hard about what I’m going to say next as the words can get overused, but this album is a masterpiece and a thrash masterclass from the opening of the title track to the closing of ’Evil by Design’ – not a minute is wasted. It is literally all killer no filler.

This is one of the best thrash albums of the past decade. Original members Kristian Havard on guitar and drummer Dennis Glasser are ferocious, the drumming is relentless, and the riffs come thick and fast. The album has plenty of nice breakdowns and time changes mixed in with the pounding thrash but doesn’t lose the Xentrix sound we know and love. It has the energy and attack of 1989’s ‘Shattered Existence’ and sophistication of 1990’s ‘For Whose Advantage’.

From the opening title track through the brilliantly paced tracks ‘There Will be Consequences’ and ‘Bleeding Out’ there is no let-up, the acoustic intro to ‘The Truth Lies Buried’ shows the bands musicianship. The highlight of the album for me is ‘The One You Fear’ with its fantastic guitar harmony which, if I was playing the vinyl would probably be near to wearing out by now.

Released on Listenable Records (former home of Gojira) the albums deep layered sound can be attributed to the fact that it was produced by Andy Sneap and mastered by Russ Russell and what a great job they have done.

Defiantly highly recommended by me as my friends can confirm, as apparently, I haven’t stopped going on about it!

Out now on Listenable Records