New release, Nothing But Wild is the 4th studio release by German rockers The New Roses and is already one of my top 10 albums of 2019.

From track 1, the biographical Soundtrack of My Life, the tone is set for an album full of anthemic tracks, hooks and riffs and with the uncanny knack of the listener shouting, ‘hey this is about me right now!’

‘Can’t Stop Rock N Roll’ is a second belter, a balls-to-the-wall ode to the creatures of the night that love all things rock and those who play it to the baying masses. Drawing you in with each verse, ‘as long as there the night, you can’t stop rock n roll’ it is impossible to not sing along,

‘Down by The River’ is the first single release from Nothing But Wild. This is, for me, the anthem of the summer. Grab a six pack and a lighter, and let’s go back in time, to the endless summer days, when school was out and the only thing that mattered was sunshine, fun and rock n roll. ‘Somebody always had a broken heart, and someone just fell in love’. ‘Down by The River’ is The New Roses very own ‘Summer Of 69’. Dripping with feelings of nostalgia, the heady days of summer and the steamy summer nights.

Title track ‘Nothing But Wild’ is a hot trip to the bar, to see the dancer that steals your heart. Rock and blues are our aural pleasure, cheeky lyrics and heavy riffs, with drums that pound like a raised heart rate at the sight of this beautiful girl. 4 tracks in and this listener is sold.

There are many stand out tracks and the overall vibe from the album is one of positivity, its light and fun, yet encompasses so many emotions and is utterly relatable to those who are seeking a song to meet their current needs. ‘Unknown Territory’ tells a story of change, and is brimming with hope for the future, a ride into the unknown, never knowing what lies ahead, knowing only that the only direction is forwards. This is again reflected in ‘As the Crow Flies’, another hard rocker, this time with a country edge, move on, move forwards, keep straight and take no prisoners!

Tongue firmly in cheek, ‘Meet Me Half Way’, will have those naughty boys everywhere grinning and grooving to this barroom party. I like to drink and stray and I like to stay out until the break of day, Meet Me Half Way, isn’t just one for the boys….

‘Glory Road’ is atmospheric, anthemic and emotive. The sun burns hard and the nights so cold, although written in the middle of the desert, Glory Road builds into a biographical journey that anyone can relate to their own lives, rocking us through life’s trials, with a clenched fist, and a huge guitar riff, making mistakes along the way, on the road to victory. The perfect way to close the electric tracks of Nothing But Wild.

Rock meets blues with a little country, Nothing But Wild is an eclectic mix of tracks that reflects all that is wonderful about rock n roll. There are hidden depths to an album that screams fun and sun, romance and heartbreak, love, pain and joy. Grab a copy, play it loud, roll down the windows and hit the road into the sunshine, or just sit back and enjoy the ride through this 15-track belter of an album.