Trident Waters are back with their new EP Hollywood to Vegas and it’s everything you wanted and more. Released officially on the 7th of June, but if you happened to catch their launch party the night before in London then you could’ve picked yourself up a sneaky copy… or two. I love the sound this band has, that blend of southern blues rock with the slightest hint of hard rock is balanced to perfection.

Having only discovered the band a few months ago when they were handpicked as a support for one of Hollowstar’s headline shows, I picked up their other releases in order to familiarise myself with their music prior to seeing them live and I really enjoyed what I heard… fast forward a couple of months and it’s like listening to a different band, they’ve really upped their game with this new EP, it’s still recognisable as Trident Waters but there is a maturity to the sound that captures the essence of their live show, which is where this band really pull no punches.

The real stand out tracks for me are “Be So Bad”, “Eva Lane” & “Gallows” as they showcase the real talent of this London 3 piece, they create a huge sound and it’s easy to see why they’re making serious inroads to the live music scene picking up new fans wherever they go, get yourselves on board and enjoy the ride.