When you talk about Swedish Rock bands, the first instinct (in my experience) is to think “extreme” – hard rock, black metal, screaming lyrics and thrashy guitars.

Royal Republic are extreme, but not in the same way that you’d usually get from Sweden; they’re extreme fun.  Formed in 2007, and with five studio albums under their belt, this four-piece are definitely worth braving the weather at an open air festival for!

What was behind the decision to have a disco-infused album this time around?

The disco-ish element and vibe has always been part of the kind of Rock n’ Roll that we play. It was there on the first album in songs like Tommy-Gun and Full Steam Spacemachine. It’s always been a natural part of our sound and the kind of music we write. For Club Majesty we wanted to expand on that thing and push the envelope a little further and have the album be the perfect soundtrack for any party and/or dance floor. There were no ”no-goes” during the making of this album and it was a very boundary-less and free process, which is exactly what you need for it to be in order to create to the very best of your ability. It turned out awesome and we’re extremely proud of it!

A lot of your videos look like you had a blast making them, but which was your favourite to make?

Our friend and master video-maker Leo Åkesson is the creative brain behind all our videos from Weekend-Man and Club Majesty. We trust him with our lives and do exactly what he tells us to do, no questions asked. It really is a privilege working with someone that visionary and creative. The most fun video that came out of Club Majesty so far is probably Anna-Leigh, for the sole reason that we love dressing up. The more stupid – the better! Stupid equals awesome in Royal Republic land and that video really turned out stupidly awesome and was a lot of fun shooting.

On a similar note, in the video for Baby did you guys perform all the skating shots yourselves?

Thank you for asking! Yes, we did. And it hurt like crazy. Weeks of practicing and two days straight on roller-skates. We couldn’t skate and we sure as hell can’t dance. Could have been a lethal combination but that sort of stuff usually triggers us to do it.

Is there any other band/artist/group you’d like to collaborate with?

I truly think that ”Queens of the Stone Age” is one of, if not the coolest band around right now and getting the opportunity to do something together with those guys would be nothing short of an honour!

I will fire up the time machine, so we can put on a festival, but we only have room for three bands / artists… who would you put on at the festival, and where would you want to hold it?  (goes without saying, you are in there too!)

It’d definitely be a city fest, free for all! I’d say Prague would be a good option. Beautiful city, beautiful people and cheap beer. I would probably go for a pretty eclectic line-up, let’s say; Neil Young, Billie Eilish and Royal Republic. In that order. We’d obviously end the evening with all of us performing ”Helter Skelter” together on stage. I’d go there in a heartbeat!

When you get time off, what do you do to relax?

I like walking. I do that a lot. Like really long walks up to the point where your legs start hurting. I also thought about getting a super huge puzzle. Like thousands of pieces. I like doing things that are really slow and take a long time to finish. Maybe it’s got something to do with that sort of thing being the complete opposite of what we do while on the road.

Is there a question that you are never asked, and hope that one day someone will?

Do the four members of Royal Republic have telepathic abilities?

I know it’s a hard decision, because you have to love them all, and there are so many to choose from – do you have a favourite Royal Republic song?

Actually, I do not love all of them. A few are ok, some are really good, several are great and a lot of them are extraordinary! And it changes on a daily basis. Today, my favorite track is ”Like a Lover” from Club Majesty.

Why is that?

It’s bluesy, it’s fresh, it’s sexy and it’s somewhat of a step into new territory for us. We take a lot of pride in being a band that does not stand still creatively and also has the guts to push things a little further than what people might expect from a Rock n’ Roll band in 2019. You stand still – you die. Physically and creatively. There needs to be forward motion in everything you do in life. Sounds pretentious but that doesn’t make it any less true…

You have a tour lined up for 2019, where are you looking forward to playing?  Is there somewhere you’ve never been, or are looking forward to going back to?

We have a really big tour ahead of us, starting mid-October. Not only is it pretty long but we’re also doing some of the biggest headline shows of our career so far. I’m obviously excited about those but I’m also excited about seeing the development in territories that have taken a little longer for us to build up. All in all, I’m excited about the exciting times ahead.

We are coming to see you in Manchester, what can we expect from the 2019 tour?

That’s good to hear! Looking forward to seeing you there! We will be doing what we always do, which is making sure we do our very best to deliver an extremely satisfying experience with everything that entails. The rest is kind of up to you guys! Better bring your A-game… See ya’ll there!