Having already made a serious impact on the new music scene with tracks being playlisted on Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio, Hard Rock Hell Radio & Total Rock as well as being featured by Classic Rock Magazine, the Midlands five-piece Piston have a real buzz about them and it’s not just hype. There are real talent and charisma in abundance and the swagger that runs through every track is electrifying.

The album itself is very thematic with songs about following your dreams and realising them whilst also trying to juggle real-life issues such as relationships, love, and death. It can be seen as a journal for the struggle that faces a lot of bands when first starting out. For me this album excels with tracks like “Go Now” and “Carry Us Home”, Rob has a fantastic voice that suits the really bluesy vibe captured in these songs. The harder-edged tracks show off the musicianship of the rest of the band to a tee.

This is definitely one of my albums of the year and it will hopefully propel the boys to the heights of stardom they so rightly deserve.