I like country music, there I said it out loud – I do like country and I like blues and I like thrash metal… yep, my musical tastes are varied.

As I downloaded the album, I started listening out of order and thought I had already found a favourite before giving the whole work my full attention.

The first couple of tracks were reminiscent of The Allman Brothers, I could hear them (not in a direct copy, more of a feel) and I have to say that I liked it.  It was mellow and comforting.  I settled down with the album and I knew that it was going to be a good listen.

The album opens with ‘Slow Down’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘Miss Liza’, songs that grab you in the right places and makes you appreciate the great guitar riffs and bluesy lyrics.

The tone changes with ‘No One Listens’, and I had to stop for a while after listening; it made me cry.  This is, for me, the true test of great music; great music makes you feel something, without warning you in advance.  It creeps up on you, sits with you for the duration of the track and then leaves you with a lasting emotion (be it happiness, sadness or something else, it just makes a mark).

‘The Road Too Well Trodden’ is just country at its best for me – tinkling guitar and a sad song that has a chorus you want to sing along with (even the high notes).

I really liked this album, it made me smile, it made me want to dance, to sing, and it made me cry. So it’s no surprise really when I say that there was one final disappointment (hey, it’s country blues, there’s never a happy ending).  I am guilty of passing them by without staying long enough to fully appreciate them when they played HRH CROWS 2, in Sheffield this year.  I won’t make that mistake again.

Scruddy and the Healing Sun is out now via all the usual digital outlets and www.lolgoodmanband.com.

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