Yes it’s time to download and stream Mother Mary to count towards the Christmas 2019 charts!

You may have seen #RnRXmas – well this is what all the buzz is about!

#RnRXmas – Putting Rock n Roll Back into Christmas with The Quireboys

The Quireboys would really love to get their track, Mother Mary, into the charts this Christmas – and we will do everything we can to help!  It’s about time we had a brilliant rock song in the charts again at this special time of the year – and we think, with your help, we can make this happen.

Mother Mary has a perfect Christmas vibe and has been re-released with new artwork.  Guitarist Guy said: ” We really love this time of year , after 2 months of hard touring we look forward to spending this special time of year with our loved ones. Mother Mary really captures the spirit of this time of the year. Be nice to get a Rock N Roll song in the charts for Christmas! Enjoy!”

There are even multiple versions of the song to suit every taste – including the original studio, live and unplugged versions. Plus we’ve put together playlists on iTunes and Spotify platforms to make it as easy as possible to fill your Christmas boots with Mother Mary!