Some albums kick off okay…then simply carry on in the same vein until the conclusion. All good and well, but I’m sure someone once said that variety is the spice of life?

The Fall of Man, the long-awaited second album from Rat Face Lewey, certainly does not fall into this trap. The opening riff of the opening track ‘Comfortable’ becomes an instant earworm … but instead of trying to repeat the same trick over and over this trio from the East Midlands take a much more interesting approach and incorporate everything from Iron Maiden basslines to Silverchair vocal harmonies and Green Day / Presidents of the United States of America pop-punk vocals.

Just when you think you’ve got Rat Face Lewey sussed they take a seemingly effortless and polished left turn, down another musical road but always just about staying within the border country they’ve created for themselves between pop-punk, nu-grunge, and metal.

The variety and alternate approach on offer are evidenced by the eventual appearance of a traditional rock guitar solo only on the very last track of the album,  the sneaky introduction of a cool pirate section in track 3 (appropriately titled ‘The Pirate Song’) and some low down heavy riffing especially towards the latter end of the record.

The almost seamless and polished variety of influences continues to the very end of the album, begging you to start the album over to virtually rediscover the first tracks again…and again and again such is the addictive nature of this release.

The complexity of influences, the top-notch vocals, and the stunning production would make an easy comparison to one of the hot properties of British rock, Ethyrfield, but there’s a more earthy approach here, less technical, poppier perhaps, but no less enjoyable for it.

A stunning 2nd album then for Rat Face Lewey and one which won’t be leaving my playlists for quite some time!