Erja Lyytinen returns with arguably her strongest studio album to date.

As the old saying goes when life gives you lemons you make lemonade – or tequila, whatever takes your fancy. As a musician, one way to overcome such situations is to write about them.

Having endured personal growth following a recent breakup whilst simultaneously juggling the commitments of being a mother, an entrepreneur and a full-time touring musician gave Erja Lyytinen inspiration as well as some deep subjects to reflect on.

Having experienced these real-life events the multi-faceted artist was able to write honestly and openly about each of these topics and as a result composed some of the most lyrically poignant songs she has ever written.

Guest guitarist Jennifer Batten underpins the heavy groove and reptilian context of the funky opening track “Snake In The Grass” whilst also pushing the boundaries of her guitar playing. Collectively the pair come together with some mesmerising twin part guitar harmonies.

With lyrics like ‘If you can’t take the heat stay off the leather seats’ Lyytinen switches gears during the sultry “Cherry Overdrive”. Whilst the emotive subjects confronted during “Hard As Stone” fuels Lyytinen’s fiery playing during one of the stand-out solos on the record.

Erja Lyytinen can tackle troubling topics such as infidelity and inject humour – a rare gift indeed. This is particularly the case during the foot-stomping, blues-rock number “Wedding Day”.

The Finnish guitar goddesses’ tribute to her twin boys during “Miracle” and the Celtic tinged “Torn” both stand out on the record. The latter features a rare violin performance by the versatile Finn, quite literally adding another string to her bow.

Another World concludes with the heart-wrenching ballad “Break My Heart Gently” – a number which features delicate slide guitar play by Sonny Landreth.

What can we say, Erja Lyytinen’s latest album is simply out of this world.