HRH Mag’s Lyndon Webb speaks with Kyle Thomas of Exhorder…

  1. It’s been 27 years since your last release, how did you approach things differently in the studio this time around? Do you have any hard rules that everyone has to stick to?

It was definitely something that had to be thought about carefully. Exhorder is definitely different from every other thing I’ve ever done, without a doubt. Having played live shows of old material definitely helped get us ready for being in the right mindset for new Exhorder songs, but we did want to incorporate a “newer” us. We actually listened back to a few of the vocal tracks on the pre-production sessions, and although they sounded great, it just wasn’t right for Exhorder. After some careful evaluating of the songs, I went back and just added a little more attitude, and it worked. I think Vinnie did the same thing musically on some of the songs. As far as hard rules go, we don’t have many. Mostly we just try to not be the assholes that we were when we were young and wild. That wouldn’t last long in an environment that requires good business relationships, that’s for sure!

  1. Are there any recent funny stories from out on the road, that you can share?

Man, this tour with Kataklysm, Krisiun and Hatchet has been an absolute riot. We’ve made some very special friends in these guys. The late-night rides on the bus having drinks and listening to music is always the most fun. You get a bunch of musicians together, and it just becomes a stand-up comedy show. Props, jokes and just flat out silliness takes over. All it takes is fake costume teeth and a pocket p***y, and the next thing you know everyone is crying laughing!

  1. Who is the biggest pain in the ass on the tour bus? Any reason why?

Man, there really hasn’t been anyone on the bus that’s a big pain in the ass, to be fair. It’s probably me though because I have back issues that I constantly have to maintain with stretching and exercise. I try not to complain about it, but sometimes it’s tough. I think the only real pain in the ass is when people don’t pick up after themselves and make a huge food mess, or leave their party for the bunks without cleaning up after themselves. It ends up being the early risers who don’t drink that wind up getting stuck cleaning up the aftermath, and that’s not fair. But hey, that’s rock and roll, right?

  1. You have a hard-core group of fans who have waited a long time for you to reform and put out a release – how long do you think we will wait for the next one? 🙂
    We’re not planning on there being more than a two-year wait! We definitely regret that we couldn’t manage this a long time ago, but all that matters is that we’re back with a really strong album, and we’ve got a LOT more to say when the next one comes around!


  1. Do you have any plans to come back to the UK for any other festival appearances?

Absolutely! We will be there soon for some club dates, but more festivals are always a great thing.

  1. Do you have any unusual demands on your rider?

The only thing I’ve tried recently that I’ve never put on a rider is a pack of cigarettes that Sasha and I both smoke. My evil scheme was that every other night we get a pack of smokes, and then don’t have to pay for our own, haha! So far on this tour, we’ve received zero packs of cigarettes. I guess every promoter thought, “F**k off, buy your own damn cigarettes!”.  F**k it, I tried.