Let’s get this straight from the off – Revival Black’s debut album Step in Line is an absolute cracker. So many a Rock N Roll bands nowadays use a ‘rock by numbers formula’ when putting together a debut release, but thankfully that is not the case with Step in line!

The twin riff-laden guitars of Alan and Adam set the route for the journey, whilst the Rhythm section of Jamie (Bass) and Ash (Drums) ensure we don’t get left behind. Vocalist Dan (who has one of if not the best voice in the UK rock scene at the present time) is the orchestral conductor who belts out the orders to keep the Revival Black machine rockin’ and a rollin’.

From the opening track ‘Wide Awake’ (which came out as a single in April) through to the last song, which is also the title track, it is an organic, natural and mature album that flows perfectly.  It is hard to believe that this is a debut album. This is a stonker!

Rock bands of the United Kingdom, be afraid, be very afraid  – Revival Black are here and they are taking all of us with them.  This is rock n roll…



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