Off Yer Rocka artist, The Quireboys, have announced a re-press of their last 8 releases due to worldwide demand after the OYR catalogue sold out.

It’s another notch in The Quireboys belt of achievements, as the popularity of the band continues to rise and rise around the globe. OYR HQ has been sold out of the last 8 releases for some time, and the HRH label have been inundated by distributors worldwide as they show out of stock – and people wanting to purchase. The label like to react fast so are now repressing the following titles in digipack format:

OYR 004 Beautiful Curse
OYR 012 Black Eyed Sons
OYR 015 This is Rock n Roll Part II
OYR 021 St Cecilia & The Gypsy Soul
OYR 035 Twisted Love
OYR 044 White Trash Blues
OYR 054 Homewreckers n Heartbreakers 10th Anniversary edition
OYR 059 Amazing Disgrace

The titles are expected at OYR HQ shortly so will be scheduled for a mid-February delivery. To make it even more special, all titles are reduced from £12 to £8 for the next 5 days – only if you get in quick.

To get your Quireboys repress special offer, click the link below and fill your cart!


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