New York hardcore legends and pioneers Agnostic Front go back to their roots with new album ‘Get Loud’. Hot off the back of their very personal documentary ‘Godfathers of Hardcore’, which is fantastic and a must-watch for any fan, this album has been very eagerly anticipated. Before even listening to the album long-time fans will feel a tinge of excitement as artist Sean Taggart is responsible for the artwork – and brings back the style and characters from 1986’s landmark album Cause for Alarm’ and once you start to listen you will not be disappointed. Founder member Vinnie ‘Legend’ Stigmata and singer Roger Miret give us an album full of anger and attitude that fits into classic hardcore short songs, in which the main focus is the state of the world we are all currently living in. “We’ve always had a voice; had a lot to say. We’re always screaming for a change” says frontman Roger Miret. “Speak up, get loud, say what you have to say. Be the change you want to see in the world. You can’t change the whole thing, but you can make little differences that will matter, eventually.”

From the opening track ‘Spray Painted Walls’ through to the closing ‘Devastated’ the power and pace of the songs are relentless. ‘I Remember’ is a tribute to Vinnie and Roger’s long-time unwavering relationship and is one of the highlights of the album. The breakdown at the end of ‘Dead Silence’ makes you want to stomp around the room and that’s a feeling that an Agnostic Front album should give you! The album production is perfect with Pokey Mo’s drumming sounding especially powerful. If you are expecting a break from the album’s fury, you don’t get one!

I initially stated that Agnostic Front are back but to be fair they have never really been away, a band whose integrity and hard work should be respected.  This is a full-on hardcore experience from start to finish. Is ‘Get Loud’ in the same classic league as Cause for Alarm’? In time I’m going to say YES! To sum up, just go out and listen to it, it’s brilliant and is going to be played a hell of a lot by yours truly.


Agnostic Front – Get Loud is out now via Nuclear Blast.