Beth Hart’s troubles and her battles with her demons are well documented. And these real-life experiences often feed into her song lyrics. However, with Beth’s latest offering she has delivered a collection of some of her most soul-baring, open and honest compositions to date.

Opening track ‘Bad Woman Blues’ is an up-tempo, piano romp that has so much groove that it immediately leaves the listener wanting more.

The title track itself is a textbook Hart piano ballad. Lyrically poignant, deep and personal. A song that showcases her brilliance and versatility as a singer, songwriter, and pianist.

The combination of both double bass and Hart’s majestic piano play introduces a jazz orientated sound on the third track of the record. And thought-provoking lines such as `I wish I knew how to pray without words in the way’ really make the listener pause to think.

With its many layers, gorgeous gospel undertones, dreamy synth elements, and passionate delivery ‘Let It Grow’ is one of the stand out tracks on the record.

Beth showcases her vocal acrobatics during the upbeat jazzy number ‘Try A Little Harder’. Whilst with ‘Sister Dear’ the deeply sentimental song projects the longing to speak to a loved one, and the beautiful piano accompaniment perfectly conveys the emotive context.

‘Sugarshack’ is a dynamic composition with an electro rhythm and a huge sonic soundscape.

The final track of the record ‘Woman Down’ is a brooding blues number, with a wonderful piano riff and interspersed with atmospheric guitar play and the perfect climax to the album.

With this record, Beth Hart perfectly encompasses the shades of light and darkness of the human species whilst also showcasing the artist’s vast musical palette and unrivalled talent. War In My Mind is the product of Beth’s ‘Hart and Soul’.

Beth Hart – War in My Mind is out now on Provogue Records.