HRH has entered 2020 with a complete change culture for 2021, where we will ride our new Sound & Vision policy into effect by changing everything we do in 2021. Expect new destinations, a more experiential & theatrical approach as well as some hidden gems appearing all over the HRH spectrum.

Our first 2021 event to launch is Hammerfest 13 which takes the jump into Birmingham for a 2 day, 3 arena, haunting production with over 40 bands performing over the 2 days @ the 02 Academy.

Hammerfest 13 will take place on 13th & 14th February 2021.

Order now online @ or ring Holly on 0207 193 1845!

We’ve secured even more accommodation locally at some great rates and with you getting your traditional “early pickings” then we feel the Hotel Packages will go rather fast.

HRH Metal is moving into a new production but Hammerfest 13 will be arriving with its full-on production and tangent entertainment.

Take advantage as we’re starting the year with some killer rates just to get you in the mood. But please remember these special rates at the Hammer Hotels will move fast so grab what you are used to.

Weekend Passes are priced @ 30 GBP a Person No booking Fee

Royalty Weekend Passes @ 50 GBP a Person, No booking Fee

1 Skull Hammer Hotel: 2 nights accom B & B including weekend pass 99 GBP per person

2 Skull Hammer Hotel: 2 nights accom B & B including weekend pass 130 GBP per person

3 Skull Royalty Hammer Hotel: 2 nights accom B & B including Royalty weekend pass 190 GBP per person

All Royalty customers will have seated balcony, private bar, private security & private toilets.

As ever we raise our shield wall in this exciting new production with new hotels and destination.

These killer launch rates are here to get what you regularly want, quick, they only apply until midnight Sunday 16th where they hike back up and booking fees are applied.

Take advantage now online @ or ring Holly on 0207 193 1845

Either way, do it quick!