As Kris Barras moves into the next chapter of his career he continues to walk an illuminated path to success. Recent single ‘Ignite (Light It Up)’ has been burning bright and has already become a radio favourite.

Opening number ‘What You Get’ has all the hallmarks of previous hit singles such as ‘Hail Mary’ or ‘Lovers or Losers’. With its foot-stomping rhythm, southern tinged guitar riffs and huge chorus it certainly hits the spot. With its funky groove and infectious melody, ‘Vegas Son’ is in places reminiscent to previous single ‘Propane’.

The twangy banjo riffs of ‘6am’ adds a further southern rock flavour to the album before things slow down momentarily with the heartfelt and somewhat emotive blues ballad – ‘Rain’.

The second half of the album continues with the incredibly infectious ‘Counterfeit People’, the heavy groove of ‘Bullet’ along with the good old fashioned rock and roll number ‘Wound Up’. Barras certainly has a knack of writing blues-rock anthems and the joyous cowbell infused number ‘What A Way To Go’ certainly fits that description to a tee. And a future single for sure.

The speed and technical execution of the fiery fretwork featured in ‘Not Fading’, really allows Barras to showcase a different style to his playing that we’ve previously not seen. This track is also arguably the fastest and heaviest track on the record.

The album comes to its conclusion with the astounding blues number ‘Pride Is Forever’. With its subtly building groove, soulful keys breakdown and slide fuelled guitar solo, it’s the perfect closing to the album.

Release date of Friday the 13th September may be superstitious or regarded as spooky by some, but as we found out with the British blues guitarists debut album for Kris Barras it’s Lucky 13 all the way.

Kris Barras Band – Light It Up is out now via Provogue / Mascot