HRH CROWS II was a smash hit, with all kinds of bands playing all kinds of country and outlaw rock, blues and a little splash of metal. One such band were an Irish rock up and comers Elevation Falls, opening for the Saturday and playing a monster acoustic set on the Sunday. I was lucky enough to catch most of them (all but the bassist, Gabriel) just before they literally had to dash off and board a plane back to the Emerald Isle, and I thought I’d get the lowdown from lead vocalist Hazel, guitarists Chris and Darragh, and drummer Mr. Alex Sanchez de Orduña.

HRH: Hey guys, awesome to see you all over the weekend! How was it opening for HRH?

Darragh: Great crowd, great crowd man, yeah. Really good reception. Bigger crowd than we were expecting!

Hazel: We were very shocked. Who was it that said? Was it you that said [points to Chris] People in Ireland don’t activate before six [PM], so it’s strange to have a large crowd of people in front of you at like 1pm in the afternoon. Today we are dying, I think we are all a bit worse for wear, but it was awesome!

HRH: Yeah that’s the magic of HRH gigs, people are up for it super early doors! So I checked out the new single ‘Demon’. Loved it, really I did. It kind of reminded me a little bit of Helloween, a bit more evil than the sort of bluesy stuff you guys do and I’ve heard so much of.

Hazel: Its funny you should say that because Gabriel our bassist [who couldn’t be here for the interview] absolutely LOVES Helloween! We were going for the evil sound – that’s what we wanted – for when you listen to it to get that kind of feeling. We do kind of lean towards that sound, the more bluesy sound as you said, so with Demon we really wanted to come up with something that was much more… Evil! We always like to experiment with our sound, and change it around a little.

HRH: I’d be inclined to agree with you, and I think its an awesome direction for you guys as a band to be going in. So, coming back to the fact you have this new single… when is the new album dropping???

Darragh: Ahh! We have a new EP coming out in February.

Alex: Only two or three songs I think…

Hazel: No it’ll be more than that, around four or five altogether.

Alex: Haha, okay okay…  why not six?!

HRH: So some sort of EP coming is for sure. But it’s kind of like a mystery box, eh? I like that! Speaking of mystery, you guys have, as we have spoken about, such a variety of sound. Who are the top three artists on your playlist?

Darragh: Between the band?

HRH: Yeah, between the band.

Hazel: Impossible, can’t do it…

Darragh: Should I say it? Okay I’ll say it. Heart. Probably Whitesnake… Maybe Thin Lizzy? Live and Dangerous is one of my favourite albums. It’s kind of hard when you’re from Ireland, we do harmonies and there are two guitars- everyone’s always like “oooooohhhhh yeah”, Thin Lizzy yeah? But yeah, they have been a huge influence on all of us.

HRH: Controversial there, I like it. So, If I were to say that you are leaning more towards a kind of old school metal / rock sound, would you agree?

Hazel: Well, when this track was written we had in our minds what it was gonna be. I had in my mind what it was gonna sound kind of like In This Moment. I absolutely love In This Moment – the attitude, all of it. People always saw us doing many things, but not this. Not Demon. We don’t want to be heavy 24/7, so we like to shake it up.

HRH: Interesting that you don’t want to be limited in your sound. So if you guys were to do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be?

Hazel: Do they have to be alive?

HRH: Ahhhhh either!

Hazel: Well I have three really…

Chris: if I were to pick a band, I’d take Alice Cooper for sure. Only cos I like the tune [be my Frankenstein]

Alex: I’d love to maybe collaborate with Motley Crue maybe? I love Tommy Lee, he’d be a laugh.

Darragh: Mr. Big. For sure Mr. Big.

Hazel: Can I say my three? The two dead would be Amy Winehouse and Freddy Mercury. The one living would be Pink!

HRH: Awesome, eclectic mix – love it! So, if none of those come to fruition, then we are into September now, it’s the tail end of the year; what does the rest of 2019 have in store for Elevation Falls?

Darragh: Writing songs. For sure. We have just done a tour through Germany, loads of UK gigs, Music video. Time to just focus on the music and kind of hibernate for the winter.

Hazel: Yeah, focus and songwriting to bring us into the new year.

HRH: Good shout, it’s good that you are keeping the content flowing! When you’re not writing, playing, touring or recording music, what do you guys do in your spare time??

Alex: We go to the beach, enjoy a couple of beers, ya know?

Darragh: Even outside of music man, it’s all guitars. I love guitars – guitars, bikes and cars.

Hazel: Well, I used to like to drink but not so much anymore… hahha! No, art now. I love to paint. I’ve always been very creative, I learned piano at a very early age and really everything I did was music. Music and art, it’s been there my whole life and I stick with it now.

HRH: That’s cool, that’s cool. I’m a drummer myself and I find it hard to get rid of the music in some way or another. Consider this for a second though- its 2020, you’ve just completed the album, its smashed it and you get a phone call offering you a support spot. Who is the ideal person or band on the other end of the phone offering you the gig?

Darragh: Ooooooooh, damn. Alter Bridge? I have a feeling that it would be Alter Bridge. I just feel like they’re the band that fit everything we do, that complement our sound so well.

Hazel: Yeah, Alter Bridge would be an awesome shout. They do the whole acoustic thing and that as well.

Chris: I’d be feeling Halestorm, that whole female-fronted thing, ya know?

Hazel: There’s another one that I’d actually love – after hearing that collaboration album with like Fergie and what have you – I’d love to do something with Slash, love to work with him.

Alex: Yeah, I’d agree but maybe Black Stone Cherry as well would be awesome!

Darragh: Basically all of the above in a massive blender hahha!

HRH: Hahha that’s awesome guys! Well, thanks a lot for the interview, and please send my regards to Gabriel the bassist, missing as he is from the interview! I know you’ve got a plane to catch as well so I won’t keep you!

Darragh: Yeah thanks a lot man, from all of us! Hope to see you around soon!

HRH: You bet, and we will be looking forwards to the new material!

Elevation Falls have just released a single ‘Demon’ and are working on their next project, due 2020, after a huge 2019 of touring and recording.