Renowned German musicians Timo Rotten (vocals & guitar), Patrick Zarske (guitar), Thomas Winkelmann (bass) and the Austrian J.F.Grill (drums) have spent three long years working on new material and back in the summer of 2017 for the nameless band. The following December saw the newfound group acquire the name Oceans. Now the band have released their album The Sun and the Cold – an album of powerful modern death metal with ‘90s nu-metal and rock!

Kicking off with the title track, the album subdues you into a feeling of something that is going to seduce you into the power of thrashed guitars that will make your fingers bleed thinking of the intensity of them throughout the album. Add to this the vocal range from Timo Rotten as he pushes the boundaries of the gravelled thrash metal sound of the pure maxed out grunt that has so much power.

Each of the eleven tracks on The Sun and the Cold shows the range that Oceans has – not only in Rotten’s vocals, with some amazing lyrical moments of the softer touch which seamlessly meld into the harsher death metal moments – but the album also has the tenacity to do the same with the lead and accompanying guitar work, bringing a perfectly balanced mixture of thrash to death metal and rock!

As an example “Take The Crown” kicks off with what feels like nu-metal that wouldn’t feel out of place on a regular rock album, before kicking into a break that pulls you into the world of Oceans with a change – that if you hadn’t heard any of the other tracks in the album you wouldn’t expect it. With the thrash vocals ramping up at around just under three minutes, the track sets you on another journey to another plain.

The Sun and the Cold is an album that needs to be listened to over and over again, it’s a powerful piece of work and one that needs to be listened to LOUD, turned up to eleven so you can appreciate the sheer unadulterated power that each of the tracks has to offer.

The Sun And The Cold is out now via Nuclear Blast as a special limited edition double CD together with the first two EP’s “Into The Void” and “Cover Me In Darkness.” Keep your eyes peeled as Oceans work on their mix of aggressive death metal with post-rock and get your hands on the album.