This just in from Off Yer Rocka – a “Lockdown Clearance” sale!

“Now we are totally Off Our Rockas but as promised with the Rock Against Corona movement, we’re here to keep music alive and give it to you during lockdown at such a ridiculous deal, you just wanna fill your bags!

1,2,3 Quid for the next 2 weeks or until it all goes over at

CD’s only a £1 …a Quid FFS
DVD’s only £2….Get In
T-shirts , Hoodies n Vinyl only £3…….are we having a giraffe Nooooo…BUT we are Off Our Rockas…

These are dark times, but we must keep music alive during this lockdown, so when you’re tucked up safely at home, let’s get the CD’s bangin, vinyl rumbling and you dancing around the room with a new T-shirt or hoodie on which you grabbed for 3 Quid…Haaarrrr!

Lockdown 1-2-3 Clearance starts today at 12 GMT.

All online and lets beat this crisis together!

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Keep Music Alive for Better Days Ahead