I listen to a lot of new music and every once in a while I get to listen to something that floors me totally.  The first word that popped into my head after listening to ‘Supernaturalisation’ from Molly Karloff was a very simple WOW!

The title track kicks you in the stomach with grimy buzzy riffs and power-packed boldness. The lyrics flow as the vocal, laced with attitude, eats its way into your ears.   The start-stop timing creates more interest and just floods the track with energy.  Such a cracking way to open an EP, I’m hooked.

The Oxfordshire trio follow it with ‘She Said’.  Not letting up with the obscenely good riffs, this is a track is full of groove with an earworm of a huge chorus.  It’s a big song, full of warbling riffs and it’s my favourite on the EP.

Next to smash my senses about is ‘Do You Wanna?’ – a murky, sludgy riff opening before the tempo increases and it gets a serious punk edged angst to the vocal and overall feel to it.  The track twists and turns all the time keeping the energy and attitude.   Packing yet another punch of awesomeness is ‘Do It Again’ with more of those lovely grimy riffs and rumblings taking over.  The band certainly have a defined style to their music, a cluster of rampaging riffs and hooks, the low grooves underpin the vocal and allow the song to grow and flourish.

‘The Other Side’ has a start-stop opening riff which captures your soul before the lyrics take you hostage and dig their way into your brain.  Another rampage of riffs splinter the track and increase the swagger and attitude of the whole thing.

The band have pulled together an absolutely huge EP with ‘Supernaturalisation’.  I have no criticism constructive or otherwise to offer, it is a blistering ball of energy, punching and grooving its way through grimy riffs, rampaging guitars and solid vocals.  This is an assault on your brain sort of music, smashing its way into your head and staying there in a fabulous way and I bloody love it!