I like many many genres of music, mainly rock/metal but what really fires me up is a really raging death metal band and one of them who stand out a mile are Polish growlers Vader.

Still going strong since forming in Olsztyn 1983, their material has always been consistent and they raise the bar high once again with Solitude In Madness, released on May 1st 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. Their sixteenth studio album consists of eleven pit openers as first track ‘Shock And Awe is aptly titled as a dizzying attack of blast beats and raging riffing surge along.

A nice surprise came from intelligible lyrics, a rarity from this genre. ‘Into Oblivion’ is absolutely mental as warp speed rhythms manage to stay tight over a lung busting guttural vocal. Blink and you’ll miss the minute long turbocharged ‘Despair’ and they even manage to squeeze in a razor sharp guitar solo in midway. At three minutes long ‘Incineration Of The Gods’ must seem like a marathon for Vader. The first third is a pit opening frenetic instrumental piece as it heads off kicking and screaming straight to hell.  ‘Sanctification Denied’ is a suffocating cloak of mid paced thrash pinned down by hypnotic drum patterns. Satan would surely weep tears of joy after hearing ‘And Satan Wept’ due to its bionic bludgeon. Buzzsaw riffing of the highest order and inhuman drumming make it my album highlight.

‘Emptiness’ has an earworm main riff that stays in your soul from start to finish. It’s catchy but still cataclysmic. All they are declaring throughout ‘Final Declaration’ is how adept they are at producing some of the most brain mangling death metal I’ve heard for a long time. ‘Dancing In The Slaughterhouse’ is a clattering cacophony that grinds with glee. There is nothing divine about ‘Stigma Of Divinity’ due to the ankle snapping kick drums and incendiary riffing. One last aural battery to finish what’s left of our hearing comes from ‘Bones’. Thor hammer blow dynamics pin it down until it goes completely psychotic  midway through.

Solitude In Madness album track listing :-

Shock And Awe.
Into Oblivion.
Sanctification Denied.
And Satan Wept.
Final Destination.
Dancing In The Slaughterhouse.
Stigma Of Divinity.

Vader band line up :-

Piotr Wiwczarek – Lead vocals/lead guitar.
Marek Pajak – Rhythm guitar.
James Stewart – Drums.
Tomasz Halicki – Bass guitar.