In a moment of drunken Lockdown madness it appears the SFW team have decided to try and bring you a virtual edition of the Legendary Sci-Fi Weekender!

This Saturday 25th April they will be bringing you a special live edition of the Dark Room and an exclusive set from Level Up Leroy. Also stuff from Blues Harvest, Professor Elemental, Paddy Steer, Graham Graham Beck and Experimental Sonic Machines. Tom Paton has jumped on board, and Andrew Lee Potts will be doing a live Q+A and screening of his film Kindred. There will be author panels with Ed Fortune during the day and going live with Doctor Squee and Dacre Stoker. Jim Credible will be hosting the day and of course his quiz – plus you can get involved in the virtual Cosplay competition! On top of that, there’s a few short films and video treats from some very familiar faces popping up throughout the day and night.

Full schedule in the next day or so, but the event starts at Noon, and goes on as long as they can – just like the real thing!

Let’s face it; this is going to more Tiswas than Swap-Shop – but that was always the most fun on a Saturday…UNTIL NOW!

SCIFI_IN_THE_SKY is the live Twitch stream, and the team hope to share simultaneously to Facebook and Youtube also.