One of the most enduring modern rock bands to emerge from Sweden, Bonafide were formed by guitarist and singer Pontus Snibb back in 2006.  Outside of his homeland, Pontus was possibly better known for his time as the drummer for the American country-punk outfit Jason and the Scorchers.

Later adding Anders Rosell, Niklas Matsson and Martin Ekelund to the Bonafide ranks, the current line-up has been together now for over 7 years.

It wasn’t until 2012 that they broke in the UK, thanks largely to their now-legendary performance at Hard Rock Hell VI – with their set being introduced by none other than Steve “Krusher” Joule.

Bonafide have released 4 albums for Off Yer Rocka – Ultimate Rebel (2012), Bombo (2013), Denim Devils (2015) and Flames (2017).

Never letting up the quality, their albums reflect the incredible live energy the band exude on stage – and now we are pleased to be able to bring you the full OYR Bonafide collection on a combination of CD and Vinyl!

Off Yer Rocka have a limited number of bundles – just 25 of each – that will be perfect for any Bonafide fan or collector

Bonafide Bundle 

Bombo, Denim Devils and Flames – CDs

Bonus DVD – Messin In Wales

£15 plus P&P




Premier Bonafide Bundle

Bombo, Denim Devils and Flames – CDs

Bonus DVD – Messin In Wales

Plus Treble Charged Vinyl Album featuring Ultimate Rebel, Bombo & Denim Devils, 3 Album Box Set*

£30 plus P&P



*DISC 1 Ultimate Rebel: Side 1 – Make My Own Rules; The Mess; Too Fired Up; Doing The Pretty; Blue Skies Red – Side 2 – Rough Cut; Rag And Bone Man; I Want Out; Pick A Window (You’re Leaving); Rebel Machine –

DISC 2 Bombo: Side 1 Bombo; Bad As Clint; Rock n’ Roll Skal; DTRD Side2 Harmony; Better Safe Than Sorry; Liquid Lover; Suburb Baby Blues; 8-Ball –

DISC 3 Denim Devils: Side 1 – Round and Round; Hold Down The Fort; Killer; Get A Grip; 50/50; Good Stuff; Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle – Side 2 – One Kiss; Who Am I To Judge; Missing You; The Game; This One’s For You