HRH NWOCR stars The City Kids have today released a brand new single and video starring Tracii Guns.

The awesome track “All I Want” showcases the combined talents of JJ Watt, Dennis Post, Berty Burton and Dave Sanders – a modern-day sleazy supergroup of members of The Main Grains, Tigertailz, Warrior Soul and Falling Red.


Said JJ “So, I have had this song kicking about for about 15 years, never got it right, sometimes, got it very badly wrong! But, the main riff, and the chorus idea always stuck. When the Kids started working, the some came together, it was one of the last ones too from memory. And, it was sounding great. Dennis had the idea to ask Tracii, so, we said hell yes. The thing was, we got so much more than expected, and, the harmony guitar he did on the chorus, led to the overlapping harmony Dennis does, which totally made the song, how it felt, and, was just perfect. The song itself, is self reflective, on how alcohol and (some) drugs are great, how they make you feel, but, at the same time, too much, or dependence, takes any control away, changes you for the worse, and you know this, but, it still doesnt stop you repeating it. Something I, and people I know, have dealt with over the years. Its nice to look back from a better place and vocalise it I think. Hopefully it speaks to people too

Berty noted “This one was definitely a creeper in one of my favourite tracks we recorded! It’s definitely one that got darker and nastier the further along we got on recording it, then Tracii was introduced into the mix and took it to a new level- dare I say make it sound more like an LA Guns track! It’s stuff like this that goes to show were not just a 2.0 version of bands we’ve past been in, but more one hell of a melting pot displaying our individual strenghts and showing what all 4 of us guys can bring to the party!”

Dave commented that “This song stood out on the album for me from day one, the heavier edge and mix of vocals still blows me away, it always had single written all over it.

Fuzzy is a man best left to his own devices, give him what he asks for and let him do his thing, this is what we’ve done here and the video has turned out awesome.

Couldn’t have come on a better day for us, the first rehearsal with the city kids in the same room, after many drinks and well into the night the video landed, what a great sightseeing JJ run up and down stairs repeatedly telling us how good it was before we were given a viewing, great stuff all round.

According to Dennis “What can I say other than Fuzzy really hit the nail on the head with the video. I almost got a seizure first time I viewed it, haha.. that’s a compliment btw. It was also a lot of fun for me since I got to do the ‘Maiden’ thing with Tracii 😁”

The legendary Tracii Guns enthused about the track. “My friend Dennis Post played me the track and asked if I wanted to have a go at it and I hell yes as it had a very aggressive timeless and melancholy sound about it” I was left to my own judgement on what I was to play on the track so I was able to really take my time and put something that I felt fit in with track perfectly and it was all done in my top floor apartment in Aarhus with my newborn son less than 20 feet away. It was a very memorable experience.

Bill Hojczyk of Fuzzy McGlide Productions, had this to say about the making of the video “The object was to try to create the feeling of drugs, alcohol and addiction of any persuasion. What it feels like to not only be under the influence, but completely in the grasp and not able to escape. I think it does that. It gets in your head and smashes it. There’s heat and intensity in the insanity and frenzy of it all. As asset strapped as we are, this thing really does bring the band into one space as a collective unit. Another of those objectives. A clip to me is more than a sales tool, like film, it needs to tell a story, set an attitude. There’s a chaos in this thing that really gives it a what the fuck moment. It’s like I described it to Alexa Jo a few weeks ago, it’s either a masterpiece or a catastrophe. Oddly enough both can share the same space. Which happens out of addiction.”