News just in from HRH Prog’s Nth Ascension – they have launched a crowdfunded campaign to re-record their debut album Ascension of Kings.

Check out the campaign here

According to the band “When we (Nth Ascension) initially decided to record this album in 2013, it came about following the start of the band in 2010 and is a collection of songs written over these initial years.  We had no real label backing, no followers or fans, very little experience but what we did have was huge hearts bursting with desire to make music and this passion drove us to self fund the project.

Whilst we are very proud of the output and all the hard work put into the album production and release, we were let down by the studio that recorded the drums as they clearly didn’t take us very seriously and this proved very problematic in the mixing process.  That said, the album was received tremendously well online and gained us lots of support and it pricked up the ears of a label in the States who became US distributors for the album and went on to give a label platform for the next release (In Fine Initium) in 2016.  Things have gone from strength to strength with each album and this was reinforced with our 2019 release, Stranger Than Fiction.

As time has progressed, there has been a niggle regarding the fact that the recording just wasn’t up to scratch on the original Ascension of Kings and we know with more experience and some wonderful contacts in the music world, these songs which are some of our most favourite songs to play live, we can give this album the fresh touch it deserves!

We are now on our own label and truly are a ‘grassroots’ band having started from the ground up, looking to the many friends and fans we’ve come to know and appreciate over the past decade to make this dream come to fruition.  In these crazy times where the music industry is suffering so much, we want to ask you to put your belief into us and this project in order to make it happen.  We are so grateful for every single contribution and for your belief in us!  THANKYOU!

Spud, Darrel, Martin, Gavin and Craig”

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