The music industry is in unprecedented times with the advent of the current pandemic. As the option of touring in support of a release is currently off the table, you would forgive any artist for maybe rethinking their decision to release an album during this time.

However, Massive Wagons aren’t just any old band and they were able to get creative and move their promotional activities in the virtual world which allowed them to forge ahead with the release. Simultaneously, the band has given their fans something to get them through the strange times we are facing and that move has certainly paid off.

So – can Massive Wagons do any wrong? We find out as we take a listen to their new album ‘House of Noise’.

Discussing the subject of the release frontman Barry ‘Baz’ Mills comments: “‘I believe this is the album we’ve been trying to make for 10 years, I’m so excited to finally get this collection of songs out there, and the hard work that’s gone into this release campaign dwarfs anything we’ve done before, our crew has worked so hard from start to finish, it feels great to be in this band right now!”

But how does it sound? Opening tracks ‘In It Together’, ‘Bangin In Your Stereo’ and the euphoric title track are the kind of balls to the wall numbers that we’ve come to know and love from Massive Wagons.

Subsequently, you find yourself drawn into the lyrics and storytelling on tracks such as ‘Freak City’, ‘Sad Sad Song’ and the punk rock-tinged ‘Pressure’. The writing on this record is passionate and on point, whilst also addressing pertinent issues such as mental health.

From the top of the album, there is nothing but quality. You don’t find yourself skipping tracks, but rather listening to the record in full and in the order that the artist intended.

If there had been a FIFA World Cup in 2020, we are pretty sure that ‘Curry Song’ may well have been similarly utilised by the football community as ‘Vindaloo’ was back in 1998. It’s a song that allows the band to showcase their humour and down to earth personalities. Of course, the song is about the simple things in life, no hidden meanings, just an ode to a good old-fashioned curry. Now, who can argue with that?

‘Hero’ has to be one of the many stand-out tracks on the record. It has the feel of a bonafide stadium rock anthem. With its driving bass line, fiery fretwork and huge chorus, there is a real timeless quality to the song. I’m sure that we will be hearing this track for many years to come. Massive Wagons showcase their greatness with this number.

The band also introduced a new word to our vocabulary with the track ‘Hallescrewya’. But will it make it into the Oxford English Dictionary? We will see! Nevertheless, it’s a great inclusion on the album.

Massive Wagons made headline news in 2018 with their chart-busting record ‘Full Nelson’ entering the Official UK Top 20. But have the band been able to achieve the same high standards with this their fifth full studio release – the answer is a resounding yes!

These Lancaster rockers have produced an album full of wall to wall anthems that will fit perfectly into their existing repertoire of tried and tested live favourites such as ‘Ratio’, ‘Back To The Stack’ and ‘Tokyo’. Which is good news, as the band will be returning to the live stage with their forthcoming UK tour in March 2021, but not before a headline spot at the inaugural HRH NWOCR festival in January.