This may be a biased review … Reign of Fury are one of my favourite bands of the last 10 years and a lovely bunch of guys too. I first discovered them after their last release, 2015’s ‘Death Be Thy Shepherd’ an album which just blew me away. I couldn’t believe that a band this good were not more well known.

The band have had a few line-up changes since the last album with Joey Jaycock joining Jon Priestly on guitars and Chris Musgrove taking up bass duties for ‘Exorcise Reality’. I had the honour of having the world exclusive first play of the albums lead single ‘I May Be a Bastard, But I’m Not a F***ing Bastard’ which was a brilliant track with a cracking riff running through it.

To be honest I really didn’t think they could top ‘Death Be Thy Shepherd’ (which is one of the best British thrash albums ever in my opinion) but I think they have! The musicianship on the album is flawless – stunning guitar riffs, wonderful twin guitar harmonies and face-melting solos, the bass lines run beautifully on each of the tracks and Chris’s talent shows on the bass intro to ‘Addiction Hymn’. Magic Dave has always been a fantastic drummer both with Reign of Fury and his punk band 4ft Fingers, but the drumming on this album is so good I think Magic may have sold his soul to the devil!

From the opening track ‘To Fight and Conquer’ right through to the closing title track, the album oozes quality. Thrash metal with plenty of time changes and more than enough of those stunning guitar harmonies from Jon and Joey to keep the listener wanting the album never to end. There are not that many albums that make you want to play them from start to finish and along with ‘Death Be Thy Shepherd’ Reign of Fury’s newest release joins that exclusive club.

If you like your thrash with great melodies, great clean vocals and a nod to Iron Maiden, go out and get yourself a copy of ‘Exorcise Reality’ you won’t regret it!


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