As we know a group of great musicians from various bands getting together & making music doesn’t always work. The City Kids debut album ‘Things That Never Were’ does though, so can we call them a supergroup? I’ll admit on first hearing I wasn’t 100% hooked, the stand out track was ‘Best of You’, the splendid single I had heard before, but the great riffs, melody & solo’s throughout the album soon had me loving it all.

‘Rats’ – with some help from ‘The Suicide Notes’ – is now my favourite track, but with each listen other songs are impressing like the tunefully excellent ‘No More Heroes’.

I’ve seen all 4 members live on numerous occasions & probably own most of their records. JJ Watt, Berty Burton, Dennis Post & Dave Sanders with some help from various other rock stars have given us a cracking album full of upbeat tunes. Mid paced tracks like ‘Before You Fall” and the melodious “She Loves You” are great, “Words of a Fool” gloriously drifts along, ‘All I Want’ featuring Tracii Guns pings the air guitarist in me and is a bit of an anthem.

Most of the album is upbeat, with catchy sing-along tunes, anthemic choruses – it’s classic rock meets dirty punk rock n’ roll. The album goes out in raucous style with another favourite “Round & (a)round”, with Kory Clarke, leaving you wanting more of this splendid kick-ass rock n’ roll.

It’s worth nothing that the Deluxe Edition has an extra 12 track CD of covers which is also pretty damn good. Amongst my favourites is ‘The Kids Are Back’ (Twisted Sister) with Dave Kerr of Silverjet on lead vocals. Other musicians on the album include Jax Chambers, Stevie Pearce, Rusty D, Stesh Thompson, Kath Edmonds, Stevie Church, Howard Chapman, Andy Barrott, Marc Valentine, Julia Calvo, Rich Shaw and Miguel Martins. There is also a great rendition of ‘Pretty in a Slutty Way’ with the Trench Dogs.

The City Kids – Things That Never Were is out now via Very Fried Artists.

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