Last week the light at the end of the tunnel had been spotted, and this week it’s been turned full-on!  On the back of the great news for live music in the UK, HRH are delighted to announce an additional headliner and more for HRH Prog XII which takes place from 17th to 20th March 2022 in Great Yarmouth, England.


The legendary Steeleye Span – who celebrated their 50th Anniversary as a band in 2019 – take to the main stage at Camp HRH for the first time since 2015.  Their 23rd studio album, “Est’d 1969” was released in 2019 to celebrate this incredible milestone and achievement as a band. Still fronted by founding member and stunning vocalist Maddy Prior, Steeleye Span will lend a more folky feel to the festival while showing their rockier side which went down a storm at HRH Prog 3.

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Galahad began their career in 1985 on the tail of the second wave of British Prog, although by their own admission it wasn’t until 1990 that they began to take things a little more seriously than just playing for fun.  10 studio and 6 live albums later, the band are still going strong and releasing music of the highest calibre.  Their latest album “The Last Great Adventurer” is a work in progress which hopefully we will be treated to in Great Yarmouth come March 2022.

In addition to Steeleye Span and Galahad, HRH Prog XII are delighted to announce 2 further bands for the second arena in Great Yarmouth.   Local lads Mother Black Cap make a welcome return to HRH Prog, having blown away the second stage in Phwelli back in 2018.  This time they don’t have to travel so far, with their favourite festival taking place for the first time in their hometown.  The band have 3 albums stretching back to 2006 and will be sure to bring a strong local following to Camp HRH.  Psychedelic rockers Dr Hasbeen were formed by Martyn Hasbeen back in 1995 and boast over 20 albums in their 25-year career.  This will be their debut appearance at HRH Prog, and join an incredible lineup of Tangerine Dream, Steeleye Span, Pendragon, The Earth Band, Headspace, Magenta, Solstice, Galahad, Doris Brendel, Hekz, IT, Pearl Handled Revolver, Abel Ganz, Kepler Ten, Godsticks, Dadaxl, The Amber Herd, Mother Black Cap, Apostle, I Am The Manic Whale, Cenris and The Pearson Memmott Conspiracy – with more to follow!

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