Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants are releasing a three-track coloured vinyl single from T&M Records titled State of Grace – not only that, but as a means of enjoying these songs prior to receipt of the physical product, they are offering a free download of all three tracks from the single – ‘State of Grace’, ‘Too Bad She’s in Love’ and ‘Brother, Sister’ – to everybody who pre-orders it.

The band features Alvin Gibbs of UK Subs & Iggy Pop fame, Jamie Oliver of UK Subs and Leigh Haggerty of Ruts DC – making for an impressive lineup, and you can see them – as well as UK Subs plus many other incredible bands such as Ruts DC, Anti-Nowhere League, Department S and The Lurkers at HRH Punk this October.


Alvin had this to say about the new release “I’m well happy with how the songs sound now they’ve been preserved in wax – even to these jaded ears they sound pretty damn fine, and I’m confident you will think so too. My fellow UK Subs’ partner in crime Jamie Oliver provides the thunderous drum; one of the best axemen in the biz, Leigh Heggarty (on loan from the Ruts), plays killer guitar throughout, whilst I meander about on the bass in my usual fashion and attempt to sing the words. The single also features stunning cover artwork from the lovely Gaye Black (aka Gaye Advert). Each will be hand-numbered and will also include a free download. This record will be available to pre-order this month, so lookout for an update on that shortly”

Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants feature at HRH Punk 2 this coming October – and only 48 pairs of tickets are left for one of the finest punk lineups in the UK this year.  If you haven’t already, grab your tickets at

You can pre-order a copy of Alvin’s new vinyl from T&M Records here: or