Pagan-folk, death metal rockers Kosmogonia, are joining the mighty line-up for HRH Vikings 2021!

The last few years have been filled with planning and consolidation from Kosmogonia, chiseling away and honing in on their style from melodic thrash metal into the sound we know today as melodic death metal, including intricate folk influences. Alas, these Greek rockers have created Enthrone the Gods, their highly anticipated debut album.

Enthrone the Gods shows the band has gone all out with a welcoming and warm production that just begs for it to be listened too. Behind this production is some strong melodic death metal, powered to the forefront through some guttural growls courtesy of Kostas Magalios; this is traded off with some excellent folk interludes where the flute takes centre stage. Yet, by the middle of this album, the vocals have very much settled down and Kosmogonia deliver some excellent tracks such as Raven’s Call, Melody of Persephone and Daughter of Zeus. An interesting and enjoyable album that provides a great foundation for the band to build upon.

Kosmogonia are currently working on new material for their next album – be sure to follow HRH Mag for ALL the updates.