Stars of this year’s Hard Rock Hell XIV, Ward XVI, have announced a 1-year anniversary release of their phenomenal album Metamorphosis. This deluxe edition is available exclusively on pre-order via their Bandcamp page.


After much torture, dementing and terrorizing, Ward XVI unleash an anniversary edition of their sophomore album Metamorphosis.
Documenting the transition of Psychoberrie from little girl to insanity, with contrasts of the upbeat circus melodies we expect and know from the band to intense, eye widening and heart wrenching ballads. The bands craftsmanship on Metamorphosis has stepped them up a massive notch, with arrangements and orchestrations taking a focus with cohesion along side the lead of the compositions, and the growth of musicianship has allowed guitarist Doctor von Stottenstein to develop and shine with fantastic touches and solos complimenting the emotions and textures of a song, and bringing in guests has further enhanced the narrative.

Scheduled for release in late September 2021, this double LP will be available on a black ink on white vinyl design – consistent with the Rorschach art concept. It will also be presented with a trifold sleeve with side 4 consisting of 4 acoustic tracks taken from their EP Unplugged and Sedated, which have been remixed and remastered specifically for this LP.

Get your hands wrapped around one of the ‘albums of 2020’ (according to some!).