Trying to pigeonhole Ghosts of Men is like squeezing a 14” pizza into 7” pizza box – yeah, you could fold it and squash it but ultimately it doesn’t really work. The heavy-alt duo have been compared to The White Stripes and Royal Blood, but they are more stone-baked than those bands – to continue the dubious pizza analogy.


The third track “Crooked Back” is a real gem, combining heavy grooves and an infectious melody to great effect. “Saviour” dials up the complexity, with its seriously cool middle eight, while It’s Okay adds a tasty topping of funky heavy.

These guys are quirky, interesting, and fun – and that’s just to interview. Their music is on a different plane altogether and is best heard in one sitting, as loud as possible, with nobody around to hear you scream along. Some may say it’s okay, they are wrong – it’s superb.