The UK’s southwest very own hard rockers, Sons of Liberty release their hotly anticipated sophomore deadly hitting, bourbon smoked new album Aces & Eights.

Frontman Rob Cooksley expresses: “There’s something here for all rock fans, we take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s what rock n roll is all about! We had a load of fun recording this as I concealed a bottle of whiskey and glass in the recording booth and proceeded to drink it on the sly…let’s hope our Producer doesn’t read this!”

These southern, classic rockers will be playing alongside a variety of other mighty bands at this year’s Hard Rock Hell XIV.


Opening with Ruby Starr the album doesn’t so much as lay its cards down, it firmly slaps them down with visceral intent. An apt message for our time in I Come in Peace and balanced by the amusing, tongue in cheek Beef Jerky Boogie & Whisky Is My Vaccine.

The collection of songs tells stories of personal experiences mixed with historical events, creating a vivid tapestry of engagement for the listener. Groove laden rockers abound include Damaged Reputation, which was playlisted by Planet Rock. The video was shot in the old Bridewell Police Station cells in Bristol amidst a Kill The Bill riot with the song aired on a plethora of stations to a fantastic response. Recorded in December 2020 at Momentum Studios with renowned UK Producer Josiah J Manning, (Kris Barras Band, Moriaty, Wille and The Bandits) the result is a gritty, yet polished ride throughout.


Guitarist ‘Moose’ comments: “There are some rockers, a couple of epics, ballads, the final song selection wasn’t at all straightforward! Having Josiah involved from an early stage was a massive help – it was almost like having a new sixth member in the band!”

Rob Cooksley (Vocals), a twin guitar attack in Fred Hale & Andy ‘Moose’ Muse with a powerhouse rhythm section in Mark Thomas (Bass) and Steve Byrne (Drums) – the boys are a group of well-travelled musicians drawn together by a shared love of the music of the southern states of USA and their desire to spread this with the good people of the UK; an energetic band that delivers an authentic and fresh show. This has been evident at festivals across the country including Planet Rock Rockstock, Giants of Rock, HRH Crows & Rock and Blues Custom Show amongst more.