Who are you?
I am Chez Kane from Welsh Rock Band, Kane’d. I have recently been signed to Frontiers Music and am working with the lovely Danny Rexon, frontman of Crazy Lixx, to launch my solo career with my debut album.

Roll Call?
I’ll start with Kane’d. We are made up of 7 members. Fronted by myself & my 2 sisters, Steph Kane & Stacey Kane. We then have 4 amazing musicians behind us, Harry Scott Elliott on Lead Guitar, Jack Davies on Rhythm Guitar, Josh Rawcliffe on Bass Guitar, and then George Elliott on Drums. With my newly launched solo career, I again have the amazing Harry Scott Elliott of Kane’d to join me on the road. I then recently held auditions because I wanted to scout new talent that had the same passion and feel that I have for my music and the auditions showed just that. I am so excited to have James Ready on guitar also, Nico Martin on bass & Jay Haines on drums! These guys are going to bring something really special to the upcoming Chez Kane shows!

Hailing from?
I am from South Wales and I come from a family of singers. My grandparents have been in bands, my dad is a singer, my aunty is a singer… me and my sisters then went on to follow in their footsteps. There was no escaping it really! I started singing at a very young age, 5 to be exact. I fell in love with wanting to be a rock chick at the age of 13 when I first heard Def Leppard‘s Pour Some Sugar On Me blasting on the radio.

The journey so far?
My whole life has been based around music, it’s my passion and I work hard at it every single day. It all started with me and my sisters singing together and then coming up with this crazy idea of putting a band behind us as we thought it would be a unique & cool idea… Kane’d was born! We’ve gone on to create 3 albums. We’ve toured all over Europe and hit a lot of ups and downs along the way but boy do we have some great memories and stories to tell… haha!

A few years back, I decided to start uploading some covers to YouTube of songs I adore, I didn’t think much of it at the time and it was just something I wanted to do for the fun of singing, this led on to Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx finding one of my videos and offering me this project that I knew was instantly perfect for me. I then went on to demo some tracks and got offered the project and was signed to Frontiers Music. So now begins the new journey as Chez Kane…This does not mean that Kane’d have ended, we are still very much a band and hope to create more albums in the future.

I am influenced by many genres of Rock! It all started at 13yrs old with Def Leppard being my biggest influence, to then loving Vixen, Pat Benatar, Robin Beck, H.E.A.T, Alter Bridge…. so many!!! The sound of my debut album stems back to the greats of the late ‘80s, early ‘90s ­ bringing back that classic, sassy, ‘80s infectious sound that I feel is really missing today! I feel the world is in such a bad place at the moment and we need more music like this to keep our spirits up! So… I’m taking on the task of bringing it back!

Biggest gig/proudest moment to date?
One of my favourite gigs to date is hitting the HRH AOR stage for the first time with Kane’d, we’d been trying to get on the HRH gigs for a while and when we finally got offered the slot, you could imagine, we were all so hyped for the gig! I also love playing at a venue in France called Le Pacific Rock, we always have such a warm welcome there and they are a great audience to play for!

I have 2 very proud moments. One being when Kane’d released the second album Rise… basically, we got to a point where we didn’t know where we were headed, whether the band was going to work out, etc. We said to ourselves…”let’s create one more album and just enjoy it for the love of creating music.” This album kept us going as a band and we are so proud to have created it all ourselves. We went on to create a third album Show Me Your Skeleton! Another proud moment has to be hearing my finished solo album for the first time ­that was special and I got incredibly emotional!

What does the future hold for you Chez?
Who knows what’s around the corner? I’m hoping for more albums & when this pandemic has settled down, I want to get out on the road to promote my music! As long as I’m able to continue making music & sing… my future will be bright. So… music, music and more music. Haha!