Celebrating the build up to the second Record Store Day Drop, we are focusing on a super cool release from Hard Rock Hell XIV stars Black Spiders!

Those Trusted And True Sons Of The North Are Back. “We knew the new album had to be special. We’ve been away for a while. The first album was a straight shot, the second on the rocks, with this new one we had to kick down the brewery doors!” – Pete Spiby.

Back in June of 2017, Sheffield rock beasts Black Spiders waved goodbye to an army of loyal fans with some sonically charged shows before retreating into the shadows. And then, in November of last year, with the world in the grips of the Coronavirus pandemic and after a long year of very little fun from out of the silhouettes they returned with Fly In The Soup, the first new Black Spiders music in six years. Exactly the feel-good shot in the arm the world needed, while we await that other vaccine. The seeds of the Black Spider return were actually planted last summer when singer and guitarist Pete Spiby began talking to guitarist Ozzy Lister to start writing new material and before they knew it, they had amassed the best part of 40 songs in a very short period of time which they whittled down. And then the pandemic hit.

It’s certainly been a strange process, in unfamiliar territory, we started to look at how we could do it given the restrictions, and not only that, but we had to replace our original drummer too. For us and probably most other bands, we would usually take a riff or song idea to a rehearsal and thrash it out ‘till we either had something or it ended up in the song graveyard! This time around we couldn’t do that, so myself, Ozzy and on occasion Adam Irwin (bass player) started to send ideas back and forth until we had something to work within GarageBand. We got to a point where we had enough song ideas with basic structure to go into a studio. It was at this point when we had to look for a new drummer.” explains Pete.

Black Spiders will be joining the incedible line-up for this years Hard Rock Hell XIV at our Camp HRH based in Great Yarmouth across the weekend of 4th-7th November 2021.


With former drummer ‘Tiger’ Si Atkinson unavailable to play, with a week or two of grooming, the band took a chance on Planet Rock DJ Wyatt Wendel to occupy the drum stool.

A Pete/Ozzy writing session at the beginning of the year had produced some promising results, but it felt like barriers were popping up everywhere, we started talking about how we could use technology such as GarageBand to help, and slowly but surely the songwriting gathered pace. It was time to hook up with our old producer Matt Elliss and try these new songs out in the studio. Heading into the studio to record songs we’d written but never played together, with a drummer that we’d never met, is one of the stranger experiences I’ve had while being in a band. Thankfully, Wyatt has turned out to be an excellent addition, who despite his faults (loud, southern) has fit right into the band dynamic. Covid has made life really tough for so many of us in our industry. And yet, this new way of song writing has been liberating, this is the most consistent and prolific we’ve ever been, and I am immensely proud of this album.” explains bassist Adam Irwin.

Against all of the odds, Black Spiders have crafted an album that features 13 tracks of high-energy, feel-good rock ‘n’ roll contrasted by demonic doom that despite the disjointed, isolated way it was recorded. It sounds like a band, firing on all cylinders. “We had to dig down deep to pull out some gems and what would we want from Black Spiders,” questions Pete. War, vengeance, mental health, death, conservation & climate change, where are we from? Relationships, friendships, our flaws. Where are we going? Alien life and Mother Earth – some of which made the record.”

Kicking off with the aforementioned Fly In The Soup single, this third ST long-player wastes no time in grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you through an album where good times, hooks, and riffs are not in short supply, but the doom-drenched likes of Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard and the psychedelic groove of album closer Crooked Black Wings give us an album of many moods and dynamics and a reason to be cheerful in 2021.

And why does the album have no title? It wasn’t hard picking a title for the album, as they decided that the focus should be on the band, not the album title, so decided not to have one. Let the music do the talking….

Black Spiders self-titled album will be released on a limited edition red vinyl for Record Store Day Drop 2 on Saturday 17th July 2021. Be sure to head down to your local record shop for some amazing releases that will add some gems to your collection.