For David Ellefson‘s latest release, the Megadeth bass player has assembled an impressive list of his musical friends and peers. Each of which helps the award-winning artist breathe a new lease of life into a collection of songs that rocked his world.

The thing about the tracklisting is that although it features songs by the greats, it’s not the typical tracks from each artist which Ellefson has covered on the album.

The opening numbers on the 19-track release include Ellefson‘s take on Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest and Tear It Loose by Twisted Sister. These numbers alone leave the listener under no illusion that this album is going to get heavy.

In amongst the thrash metal onslaught, there are also a few mid-tempo numbers including Ellefson’s take on the Billy Idol anthem Rebel Yell, Nazareth ballad Love Hurts and the unusual choice of Beth by Kiss.

Charlie Benate and Ellefson form a dynamite combination during their take on The Dead Kennedy‘s Holiday in Cambodia. The same can be said about Ellefson’s partnership with Slayer’s Dave Lombardo during Riff Raff by AC/DC. Whilst a harmonious rendition of Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack featuring Doro Pesch and Bumblefoot and a superb cover of Ozzy’s Over The Mountain are just some of the standout songs on the album.

The beauty of a cover song is when an artist pays homage to the original whilst at the same time making it their own. And that’s certainly the case with this release. Each track features a speeded-up arrangement, with blistering fretwork and David Ellefson’s distinctive thrash metal rhythms. There is the only word to describe No Cover by Ellefson and that’s mega!

Words by Adam Kennedy