I first discovered Ireland’s God Is An Astronaut with the 2006 Moment of Stillness EP and I was completely blown away by their post-rock, experimental, instrumental music. Their latest album Ghost Tapes #10 is stunning. This album had a very tough act to follow coming only three years after their epic 2018 album Epitaph. Although it feels less atmospheric than some of the bands previous releases, Ghost Tapes #10 has an intensity that is utterly captivating. This is an album that demands to be listened to and experienced in its entirety, from the surprisingly heavy opening of ‘Adrift’ through to the majestic beauty of Luminous Waves, which closes the album with a calmness that penetrates right to your soul. The musicianship is flawless, Torsten Kinsella’s guitar playing is just incredible. The tracks ebb and flow between complex guitar-driven highs and piano orchestrated lows, keeping the listener gripped from the first to last note. In Flux is an astonishing piece of music, so complex and multi-layered and for me is the highlight of a near-perfect album. Mid-album tracks Spectres and Fade have real pace and ferocity; the basslines and drum track are so intense, yet constantly changing direction without making the overall track sound in any way disjointed.

This is, in my humble opinion, some of the band’s best work and a definitive highlight of their twenty-year career. The songwriting and musicianship are nothing short of world class. Set yourself an hour of your time aside, put on some headphones and experience this album, this is truly headphone music at its best! You can thank me later…

Words by Simon Redtank

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