Let’s cut to the chase – when you see the name Bob Rock attached to an album, you know it’s worth checking out. He is the man who produced classics such as Metallica’s ‘Black Album’, The Cult’s ‘Sonic Temple’ and Motley Crue’s ‘Dr. Feelgood’, to name but a few. His talent and skill as a producer are unquestionable.

So, when Mr Rock took up the task of producing the latest album from fellow Canadian’s The Damn Truth, he knew that he was onto something special. And having listened to the album in question, we would certainly agree.

When you listen to an album, you tend to gravitate towards the few standout songs on the release. The difference with ‘Now or Nowhere’ is that there isn’t just one or two standout tracks; the whole release is top to bottom quality. Now you might find that hard to believe – but trust me, I’m telling you the truth. The Damn Truth!

The first time I heard this album, I must have listened to it back-to-back consecutively five or six times. It’s all killer and no filler. The Damn Truth has got more catchy hooks than a fishing tackle shop.

What sets this band apart from their peers is their anthemic choruses, plus the consistent quality of their material. Couple that with the band’s unstoppable groove and fuzzy retro guitar riffs, and the result is classic rock heaven.

Lead vocalist Lee-la Baum delivers each song with such passion and intensity. Think Janis Joplin meets Beth Hart, and you are in the right ballpark. The band’s fearless frontwoman also has an impressive vocal range to boot.

The Damn Truth’s explosive first single from the forthcoming album “This Is Who We Are Now” has been receiving large amounts of airplay on rock radio, and deservedly so. Whilst “Look Innocent” feels like it will be a crowd-pleaser when performed live due to its sing-along chorus.

There are so many notable songs on the nine-track album, but particularly “Tomorrow”, which is a real earworm, the beautiful “Only Love” and the psychedelic epic that is “Shot Em”. The latter of which perfectly sums up the band’s vibe and aesthetic. The song also features some lovely twin-part guitar harmonies.

In summary, you want the truth; you can’t handle The Damn Truth.

Words by Adam Kennedy