Jim Matheos. What a legend!

Not only has he got an immense back-catalog with his iconic band Fates Warning but this release has blessed us with a gorgeous gift of total zen.

The opening three minutes of the album, with the first track Half Remembered focuses our attention purely on Matheos’ guitar talent, honing in on the calming riffs complementing one another to create a completely peaceful ambiance. As the drums hit, this adds an extra layer of comfort, eventually fading out with the duo of melodies from the strings lifting us on a high note.

Near Dark left me on a real cliff-hanger, the pause and echo of the final note actually made me sad thinking that was the end of the album, thankfully Half Forgotten, ironically, kicked in catching you with relief.

We bookend with Everything Is Free, which appears to be the only vocal-based track on this album. But what mighty fine vocals they are. A mystical rainbow of gorgeous melodies – fantastic album.