Jealousy is Gin Annie‘s sixth single since the release of their debut album 100% Proof and will mark as the last single before they head into the studio to record their second album.

There has been an almost unquenchable demand for new music from these classic rockers since 100% Proof was released and all previous five singles have made the top three in the Amazon UK Rock Charts. But this will be the last one until their second album that’s due out next year. This new track Jealousy hits hard musically and also in its subject matter; something everybody has to deal with and it’s the most toxic substance on the planet.

“We wanted to make it an anthem for people about rising above it, whether that’s from a relationship point of view or just general life. We are a pretty flamboyant band in both how we look and how we act… 9 times out of 10, any negative energy (which is actually quite rare) directed at us all boils down to Jealousy… and don’t even get us started on holding down a relationship while being in a touring rock band! Ha Ha!!”
– Gin Annie


Recording through their management, Martin Jarvis at 1266 Music Group, the lads were invited up to use Morse Code Studios in Glasgow by Paul McManus of GUN; it’s one hell of an amazing studio and they certainly felt that the team there really captured the soul of Gin Annie. Due to COVID restrictions, the track was actually produced remotely by Nick Brine, who nailed it in the very first mix.

If you’re lucky enough to catch these rockers live at any of their upcoming appearances, they will be playing Jealousy for the first time during their 11-date UK Tour. This tour marks the beginning of the next chapter – after a full album and six independent singles we really haven’t taken our foot off the gas, even during lockdown, and they definitely have zero intention of ever doing so!