In recent times, the global pandemic created challenging circumstances for artists to release new music. With touring opportunities limited due to the national lockdown, most bands put their release schedules on hold. However, UK rockers Massive Wagons are not ‘most bands’.

During the summer of 2020, the group threw caution to the wind and unveiled their latest album. But would the band be able to follow up on the success of their last album, ‘Full Nelson’? The answer is an unequivocal yes! With ‘House of Noise’ giving the Wagons their highest chart position to date and their first UK Top 10 album.

Fast forward a year, and with some semblance of normality returning to the live music scene, the band return to the road to promote their latest offering. A packed-out crowd in attendance for the group’s largest headline show in Newcastle to date. And with a stack of Marshall Amps lining the back wall, the fans are in no doubt that the Riverside Newcastle is about to become a ‘House of Noise’ in its own right.

Massive Wagons have a knack for writing crowd-pleasing numbers, and from the top of the show they do just that with the opening track “In It Together”. The band’s high flying, mic stand swinging, scissor kicking frontman Baz Mills has the audience captivated from the off.

The early inclusion of “Bangin in Your Stereo” results in a thoroughly enjoyable rock medley featuring the Lancastrian outfit’s take on Dr Feelgood’s “She Does It Right”, The Clash’s “I Fought the Law” and Cheap Trick’s “Surrender”. Subsequently, the group gives a rare airing of “The Day We Fell”. Whilst “Hero” and “Ratio” have all the hallmarks of timeless rock anthems.

Surely, the word “Hallescrewya” is a shoo-in to be included in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Either way, it’s fun to sing along to at the top of your voice. Almost as enjoyable as the call and response fuelled by Mills during encore number “The Curry Song”. Chants of ‘I say Keema you say Naan’ resonate around the room – making the song an instant favourite in the band’s growing repertoire. In these troubling times, the world certainly needs more light-hearted songs such as this.

Throughout tonight’s proceedings, the band barely take their foot off the gas for one moment. And before we know it, the Wagon’s Rick Parfitt inspired tribute of “Back To The Stack” signals the end of the show, and brings the night to a close in fine fashion.

Whilst roughly half of tonight’s setlist was plucked from the band’s latest release, the show is packed full of wall-to-wall anthems. And the good news for Wagons fans is that the band is already looking to the next chapter, with a return to the studio before the year is out. Based upon tonight’s performance, we are “Under No Illusion” that the Wagons ascent will continue with the next record.

If you missed out on the band’s current run, you can see Massive Wagons headline at HRH NWOCR at the O2 Academy Leicester on the weekend of 22nd/23rd January 2022 – head to for details.