The sudden passing of much-loved frontman and guitar legend Tom Leighton of Cannock based trio Wolf Jaw, has shook fans and friends far and wide with the news rippling through the rock community on Sunday.

Close friends and bandmates Dale and Karl, have shared a statement this morning seeking help to keep their promise to Tom, by taking care of his wife Heather and two children Milo and Bodhi stating:

“We are writing to you as Dale and Karl. On Sunday 10th October 2021, we received the news that our friend, and bandmate, Tom Leighton had passed away. Tom is known to many of you as the frontman of Wolf Jaw, an incredible, talented musician and an all-round good guy. The outpouring of love we, and Tom’s family, have received since the announcement of his passing has been overwhelming and is a true testament to the impact Tom had on the lives of many people.

Whilst many of you knew Tom from Wolf Jaw, we are writing to you as close friends of his with an ask from the heart, and within Tom’s nature, naturally many of you became friends of his too.

As many of you will know, Tom recently married his partner of five years, Heather. Together they share children, Milo and Bodhi, and as we believe Tom would have wanted, we have made a pledge to him to look after Heather, Milo and Bodhi, and continue to be the family we consider ourselves to be. Understandably, the loss of Tom was completely unexpected and the shock of what has happened is something that will take a long time to process.

We are setting up this Just Giving Page with an ask to support Heather, Milo and Bodhi financially to allow them the stability, space and time to grieve, and to ensure Tom’s children and wife can be supported in rebuilding their futures as he would have wanted.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love, support and memories shared, and we hope you will join us in ensuring that the legacy of Tom Leighton lives on.”


The HRH Team want to share their deepest sympathy and condolences with the family, bandmates, friends and fans during this truly difficult time.