For some, Friday was Day Two of HRH A.B.C., for others this was Day Ten following the return of Hard Rock Hell for its 14th run at Camp HRH in Great Yarmouth! A second day combining some of the most tremendous tablets across the AOR, Blues and CROWS soundscapes!

Revival Black is a name that has circulated a lot through the rock community over the last 18 months, and now they were FINALLY able to perform for the HRH Crowd and there was no question that they were most definitely, worth the wait!

Yorkshire based sublime Southern-rockers Tom Killner Band shook the roof at Stage One! A performance that oozed killer vocals and classic riffs!

These Wicked Rivers brought their a-game as always with the blues-psychedelic fusion sound as they opened Stage 2 setting a very bohemian inspired vibe.

UK Hard Rockers New Device certainly left their mark on the A.B.C. audience with their classic, tight sound!

Ken Pustelnik’s Grounghogs taking us back to the 1970s for a total blues trip!

Jo Harman delighting our DC group with an Unplugged Set following her pre-headliner performance on the Thursday night!

Jimmy Regal and The Royals travelled to Camp HRH following their release of their EP Late Night Chicken for a well received crowd.

Meoldic hard rickers Fugitive left the audience screaming for more as they hit Stage 3 for a Dark Circle and VIP after party!

French artists Felix Rabin showcased his incredible guitar skills demosntrating a number of hits from his latest release. He evn snuck in a Jimi Hendrix cover which went down a treat!

Sheffield troupe Fargo Railroad Company demonstrated their heavy southern rock incfluence for the A.B.C. crowd who were soaking in the sounds!


Crow Black Chicken – a power trio whom combine elements of folk and hard rock with the blues rock legacy shining bold throughout each appearance.

Creedance Clearwater Review gave us all of the psychedelic-blues vibes for their set on Friday night, covering the iconic group Creedance Clearwater Revival for a nostalgic twist to the weekend!

Blistering blues-laced pure soul and rock ‘n’ roll from groove-blues rockers Born Healer blew minds from their opening set for Stage One!

Bootyard Bandits followed their electric Friday set with a more ‘reserved’ show for the Dark Circle Elite After Party, putting on one hell of a show, as always! (No cacti were harmed during this set!)

Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics did NOT disappoint as they kept their stage-cred high with a monstrous performance full of energy and classic rock ‘n’ roll antics!

4th Labyrinth played to a stacked room at Stage Three

Simon McBride concluded an incredible day with his masterful guitar-shredding, hypnotizing a full room at Stage One!